3 Tips for an Effective Microsite

Social..Mobile..Real-time. These are the notions most everyone in the marketing and advertising industry are talking about.  Microsite? To some, it’s little more than a relic from that time when advertisers were transitioning traditional campaigns to the online world. Microsites worked well in Web 1.0 and done right; they’ll continue to be good in the Web 2.0 world.

Advertisers and brands are still enamored of microsites because they can be branded and made for a particular campaign. Microsites look great and can have a lot of functions that social networks don’t allow. They can be a great online piece of an overall ad campaign. The question remains: Is there room for both a campaign sensitive microsite AND branded social media?

Brands–lots of them–are migrating to sites like Facebook and YouTube and serving up branded experiences to consumers. They’re able to customize their pages for specific campaigns while still having a built-in audience. To some, it makes sense: have a branded experience at a reduced cost, on a viral platform. But it’s not necessarily either/or.

Microsites are still effective if they’re properly integrated into your entire campaign strategy that includes social media. Here are three quick tips to ensure you have a quality microsite:

Know Your Audience
Know exactly for whom the site is made. Pretty basic strategy–and quite easy–but way too many campaigns miss this mark. Knowing your audience leads to useful and productive design and functionality. A microsite needs to be an integral part of the entire campaign.

Work on Overall Strategy
Do a checklist on how this microsite fits with the overall campaign strategy.
What do visitors first see and interact with?
How are you driving traffic to the site?
What are your social and display strategies (and any other traffic drivers) and how do they connect with the microsite?

Deliver an Experience
If you’re going to take traffic and interaction away from your company’s official website and social presence, you’ll need to give a reason. Giving users an engaging experience connects with them, boosting the likelihood of purchase intent. And isn’t that what all this is about?

Despite the rapidly changing world of digital advertising, microsites continue to have a place in the online advertising ecosystem and can be an effective advertising technique.

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