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Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs a Mobile Site

The other week our Tech Director Florin Raicu wrote a post about Adaptive Design vs. Responsive Design. These are two important trends on the technical side of mobile development. But you should know WHY you need to create a mobile … Continue reading

5 Things Lawyers Can Do to Better Market Themselves

Lawyers get a lot of flak and are the butt of many jokes. Despite how people may view lawyers, they can actually be very useful (and really nice people). So how can law firms better market themselves to people who … Continue reading

How To Write Persuasive Sales Copy

Copy. It might be the un-sexiest aspect of a website, but it might also be the most important. For every moment you dwell on what color your sign-up button should be or where to position it, you should also be … Continue reading

Why A Law Firm Needs a Great Website

When competition is fierce, you need a way to stand out. Law is a profession with no shortage of talent. Therefore, lawyers are in a constant battle with one another to acquire new clients. Most firms don’t have a marketing … Continue reading

How Do I Market My App? Pt. II

In Part I of our two part “How Do I Market My App” we discussed things app makers must consider to get the word out. It starts by making your app as social and sharable as possible. How can you … Continue reading

How Do I Market My App? Pt. I

Back in 2009, Apple launched a TV commercial touting its new iPhone 3GS, the “there’s an app for that” campaign. Apple boasted having more than 75,000 apps in its app store. At the time it seemed like an astounding amount … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Consumer: On the Run

It’s no secret that we are becoming more connected to our mobile devices. We live in a multi-device world. When you’re not at your computer, you’re on your smartphone or tablet. When people watch TV, 81% of them are also … Continue reading

3 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Brand Without Even Knowing It

Companies strive to be brands. That’s why so much money is spent on brand advertising.. That’s because brand establishes expectations and mindshare. These billions of dollars are spent in an effort to maintain or increase a brand’s level of recall … Continue reading

Can Agencies Build Stand-Alone Products?

It’s no secret that agencies are going through evolutionary changes. Digital has completely changed the agency model. Part of that change is agency desire to develop its own products. This temptation has been exacerbated with the renewed popularity tech startups … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider Facebook Retargeting

For those that are unaware, there is an online marketing tactic called remarketing, also known as retargeting. Basically, for websites that use this tactic, every time a user visits their site, a cookie is dropped into their browser. Then when … Continue reading