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Is Microsoft Missing a Huge Opportunity in Ad Tech?

Microsoft is shifting their company strategy and focusing on design and manufacturing to own supporting services. Are they, despite past failures, missing a huge opportunity in ad tech? Continue reading

Is Google Re-Creating What a Social Network Is?

Think social network, and undoubtedly,  Facebook comes first to mind.  It’s the simplest  concept–individuals’ profiles along with a main feed of your friends’ activity, (a stuffed-full  grab-bag of images, ideas, links.  Lots of it random and un-connected, much of it … Continue reading

Google+ (Finally) Launches Brand Pages

Months ago when Google launched their highly anticipated Google+ social network, they neglected to offer brands an option on their network. We’ve become so accustomed to this with Facebook, it was difficult for many to fathom that Google would leave … Continue reading